Intensive Care Ventilation


V D R 4VDR4® – F00008-1 The VDR-4 is a universal cardiopulmonary device which allows for both HF diffusive and conventional convective program capabilities in one Intensive Care Ventilator.

MonitronMonitron® II- F00007-1 The Monitron II is a Digitized version of the Analog Montron I “Wave FormatterT” to Accessory and Independently Monitor the programming of all Percussionaire Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilators, IPV® VDR® TXP®. The Diffusive/Convective Wave format is presented on a Screen, with selectable Sweep Speed as well as Pressure Rise Scales. Proximal Airway Pressures and Time Phasing Constants for both Convective as well as Diffusive Percussive Ventilation are digitally presented. Sustained Pressure Rise and Pressure Drop alarming, can be programmed against deviation from selection. This is an excellent educational device.