Intermittent Pressure Ventilation


V D R 4VDR4® – F00008-1 The VDR-4 is a universal cardiopulmonary device which allows for both HF diffusive and conventional convective program capabilities in one Intensive Care Ventilator.

MonitronMonitron® II- F00007-1 The Monitron II is a Digitized version of the Analog Montron I “Wave FormatterT” to Accessory and Independently Monitor the programming of all Percussionaire Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilators, IPV® VDR® TXP®. The Diffusive/Convective Wave format is presented on a Screen, with selectable Sweep Speed as well as Pressure Rise Scales. Proximal Airway Pressures and Time Phasing Constants for both Convective as well as Diffusive Percussive Ventilation are digitally presented. Sustained Pressure Rise and Pressure Drop alarming, can be programmed against deviation from selection. This is an excellent educational device.

Hospital Units
IPVC-1IPV®1-C/ F00001C The Percussionaire IPV-1c is the therapeutic work-horse of the institutional cardiopulmonary ventilation and circulatory lung recruitment, while maintaining a lung protective strategy.

The IPV2®C  Advanced IPV® therapy for the ER and ICU. Allows clinical control over i:e ratio or the application of demand CPAP.


Oscillatron ServoOSCILLATRON® SERVO PERCUSSIONAIRE® presents the- OSCILLATRON® SERVO for retrofitting existing CMV ventilators with PERCUSSIVE high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV)

Transport Devices
BronchotronSinusoidal Bronchotron® – F00038-1 This proven therapeutic lung recruitment and stabilization ventilator employs the percussive higher frequency sinsoidal respiration logic conceived by Dr. Forrest Bird in the 1980’s, thus enabling professional, civil, or military cardiopulmonary clinicians to ventilate any neonatal, pediatric or adult lung “Capable of being mechanically ventilated invasively or non-invasively”.

Universal MonitronUniversal Monitron® – F00007-B A portable monitor that attaches to Percussionaire® transport devices. This unit gives the ability to measure proximal airway pressure, frequency and also provides a disconnect alarm.

BronchotronThe Percussionaire® Bronchotron®  This display shows the Percussionaire® Bronchotron® installed in the transport incubator. For more information on this Incubator click here.

Home care
H T ImpulsatorHC Impulsator® Travel the world with your IPV® (HC®) IMPULSATOR® Respirator discreetly contained in a protective camera–type travel case weighing less than 15 pounds (7.5 kg), available in special engineered 110 volt 60 cycle or 220 volt 50/60 cycle AC compressor models.

ImpulsatorThe Percussionaire Impulsator® (IPV®) The IPV® Impulsator® is a totally self contained Pulmonary Therapy System allowing COPD patients to continue daily professional quality, hospital administered IPV® therapy, “at home”.

Percussionaire Breathing Circuits
PhasitronThe Phasitron® The unique and patente d patient interface which is the key to all Percussionaire® devices. Available in the traditional or therapy only duo unit.
Phasitron DuoThe Phasitron Duo The Phasitron® Duo™ was designed with the home patient in mind, where ease of cleaning and a reduced number of parts are important issues.